January 24, 2023

Discover How Vectoring Your Heart Health with Zyto Improves Your Body

Along with other biomarkers included in a ZYTO scan, the heart is scanned as a stressor Virtual Item to determine if it’s in range or out of range. A balancer scan is then done to determine which Virtual Items bring the heart (if it is out of range) and other out-of-range items back into range. Click here to sign up!

Did you know that February is National Heart Month? It is, so let’s talk about your heart and some of the choices you can make to maintain a healthy life.


We all know that your heart is a pump that moves blood through your arteries and veins. We also know that a healthy heart makes for a happier life and that diet and exercise are important to keeping your it in tip-top shape.


It’s also true that your heart is related to other parts of your body. For example, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart meridian is a channel through which energy flows. This energy is called Chi, and the heart meridian is named after the heart because that’s the major organ to which it’s most closely associated.


All meridians have a partner, or a pair. The heart meridian is paired with the small intestine meridian. This means it is energetically very close to your digestive system. Through these energetic channels, your heart is also connected to the vertebrae in your upper back. These are called your upper thoracic vertebrae.

heart meridian and teeth and vertebrae vector relationship graphic


Your heart is also closely connected to your third molars, your wisdom teeth.


You might be thinking, “I don’t have any wisdom teeth. They were pulled a long time ago.”


That’s okay; you still have the area where the teeth used to be, and the energetic channel connects to that area. These relationships are known as vectors and knowing them can give you better ideas for keeping your heart healthy.

Other Tips

Now that you’re aware of these vector relationships, here are a few tips:


Wellness involves the entire body and knowing how you’re vectored helps you make better decisions for life.